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Ciao a tutti, questa è la mia prima volta sul forum e vorrei mostrare il mio ultimo lavoro dal titolo La semplicità, mi spiace per l'italiano usato il traduttore di google e mi scuso se ho scritto qualcosa di sbagliato o offensivo ok




Grazie a tutti

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Good job, very special is the wall. How did you create the shader?

In the first image I do not like the pillow seems to have no material, known in the second image in a clear tilling floors.

I apologize if English is not correct, I used google trans.

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Hello I actually started this scene just as the study .. and have not had time to generate a fur rug that still have to be studied more efficiently in fur.

zatta 3d

I recently wrote a tutorial for cgrecord scene, you will be able to see it shader wall my friend ... thanks for the comments I really am very glad you like my work.


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It's a good work nice light...but I have to say that the b/w carpet has too much few polygons and it looks not smooth in the borders...I would correct just this... :)


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