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[eng] - Contest Regulation: Light the way, Flo goes to London

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Light the way, Flo goes to London – 3D Contest


Lumina, in collaboration with Treddi.com, is organising a competition – Light the way, Flo goes to London. Entry is free and open to artists and professionals in Italy and around the world.


The contest will be held on Treddi.com’s forum from 07.27.2012 until 09.30.2012.


At the end of the contest, a jury comprising representatives from Foster+Partners, Mr Ettore Cimini (Lumina), Mr Franco Tassi (TAXFREE) and Mr Francesco La Trofa (Treddi.com), will choose the three most deserving images. LUMINA will award them the following prizes:

- 1st place: Professional Workstation 3DWS Serie BX (6/8 cores - 12/16 threads). Commercial value of €2624.00€ + VAT.

- 2nd place: Basic Workstation 3DWS Serie AX (6 cores - 12 threads). Commercial value of €1.984 + VAT.

- 3rd place: Personal Workstation 3DWS Serie 3X (4 cores / 8 threads). Commercial value of €1.347 + VAT.

The prizes intend to be a reflection of the standard of the work of art produced, of the winner’s personal merit, thus serving to foster interest in the community.


The aim of the competition is to produce the picture for Flo’s new advertising campaign, which Lumina will issue on both paper and the web next autumn. Partecipants can use one or more models of the Flo series in one or more of the finishing touches available (including the five colours of the Olympic circles) without any restrictions.

Here you can download the Flo 3D mesh in max and obj format and the IES files for the 3W and 6W version.


And here you can download the pdf with all technical informations you need about the FLO.


Among the best products ideated in The United Kingdom, Flo was selected by the British Business Embassy to represent The Best of British, during the London Olympics 2012. Lumina and Foster+Partners along with Flo will be present at the opening ceremony of the Games at Lancaster House.

All competitors should thus open a discussion on the forum Contest Light the way, Flo goes to London with the title ‘username- Light the way, Flo goes to London’. Here they will be able to share their work in progress with others, as well as get feedback and advice from other users.

The idea submitted by each participant has to be original: if two or more people enter the same idea, only the earlier post on the forum will be considered.

The final image has to be uploaded in the same discussion no later than midnight of the last day of the contest (italian timezone) at 1600x1600 pixel large. Lumina may contact the participants or winners asking for hi-res images or adjustments in order to perfectly match its needs.

All 3D programs are accepted and the final image can be post processed with any 2D painting software.

No brand or logo can be incorporated in the image apart from Lumina’s own. No writing will have to be appended, but a slogan can form part of the advertising image.

Participants clearly undertake, by accepting this regulation, not to use the contest to share any kind of material that can be false and/or defamatory, libellous, untrue, inaccurate, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, offensive to certain religions, sexual, threatening, privacy invasive and which does not comply with current legislation. The material will undergo the judgment of Treddi.com, who will not admit the image to the contest if it does not respect the above criteria

All rights of the submitted images will remain property of their authors.

Participants allow Treddi.com and Lumina to cast, print or share by any digital, paper or analogue media, existing or to be invented, the material submitted to the contest, in case of future publishing or events made by Treddi.com or Lumina. Producers and authors, by accepting this regulation, waive any right of publication. Treddi.com and Lumina agree to mention the names of authors for each of the above cases.

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