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:hello: Ciao a Tutti !Scrivo dalla spagna, non parlo italiano, però è una bella lingua che mi piace provare. Spagnolo ed italiano sono lingue simili, spero che mi aiuterete a capire i miei errori. Cercherò di imparare l'italiano, ha un suono molto piacevole

Predire il nostro futuro è un buon tema. Ho cominciato a pensare alla mia opinione cercando di mantenere una certa orginalità. E' un compito emozionante. Spero di mostrarvi presto ciò che ho in mente

inizierà presto ad insegnare i bozzetti

(I Write with the help of google translate and a friend from Italy, I hope we are doing fine together...) :ph34r:

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Thank you everyone for your comments! :D Mmm i guess the language wont be a problem... I would really love to write in Italian everytime, I guess im going to write both in English and Spanish and try to do my best with Italian later, when i find some time.

This is my messy way of sketching , it ressembles pretty much like the final image (that Ive got in mind,lol) :blush: It doesnt look nice, but its quite narrative...For me its enough cause other things like color and composition are easier to deal with in 3d:)

(Gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios. Creo que el idioma no será un problema, me encantaría realmente escribir siempre en Italiano. Creo que escribiré en Ingles y Español y cuando encuentre tiempo para traducir, añadiré el Italiano.

Esta es mi forma de bocetar, se parece mucho a la imagen final (que tengo en mente :) ) No se ve bonito, pero es bastante narrativo. Para mi es suficiente porque es mas facil probar colores y composición en 3d que con el lápiz)


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This is the model of the girl (in progress) a little painted over with photoshop (just to try things)

I know it looks a little silly and naive, but i can explain! <_<

(I'm writing a huge text on my thoughts about futuristic humans to whatever else who have free time enough to read my mad theories...) (its gonna be long...) :unsure:

I want to model the mechanical parts within 3d max because I find it a little easier, Im not good with zbrush hard surface techniques, i guess that's because my work-flow is a little messy. :wallbash:

These days i'm not working on my computer so i'll work on these parts later, for now this is what i'm doing...I want it to look more creepy, a weird mixture,like hot, spicy foods with honey or cream (the food is just to show the idea)...something that would make people sick :devil: ! (I don't think i'm gonna reach that goal, but dreaming is free.

Este es el modelo de la chica (en proceso) pintado por encima en Photoshop para probar cosas...

Sé que parece un poco tonto y naive, pero lo puedo explicar! (Estoy escribiendo un texto muy largo sobre mis ideas locas sobre humanos futuristas para quien quiera que tenga suficiente tiempo libre para leer mis teorias) (Va a ser largo...)

Quiero modelar las partes mecánicas con 3d max porque me resulta más facil. No soy buena modelando superficies mecánicas en Zbrush creo que es sobretodo por que mi forma de trabajar es desorganizada.

·Estos dias no estoy trabajando en mi ordenador, por lo que trabajaré esas partes más tarde, de momento esto es lo que estoy haciendo.

Quiero que tenga una apariencia mas siniestra, como mezclar picante con dulce, miel o algo asi. Algo que hiciera a la gente sentirse un poco enferma... No creo que consiga ese objetivo, pero soñar es gratis!

(NOTE: God, I was trying to translate this to italian also, and after i had finished i told the translator to write it back in spanish and omg, what I got was really stupid and have no sense at all so im not going to write it here...! sorry (just to keep some dignity...)

really, Its so lame...) :huh:

Saluti a tutti!!!!


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Hi again!!

Ive been working really slow last days. It was a little unexpected, I hope im uploading more often from now on.

So... I started blocking in the main shapes of the other figure, the girl is far from finished but at this stage I wanna see them grow together :blink: (I have to work on her legs....)

Im working most of the time with the claytubes brush. Do you have any preference when modeling? Do you use a lot of tools?

Do you think im mad trying to create a scene with two people in such a little time? xD :crying:


(The human looking blob...)


(Claytubes ...)


(And thats what i've got at this stage...) There are problems everywhere, I dont like showing things when they look bad but its a wip ...This is normal, isnt it?

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well done, it's coming fine :)

Are you planning to render the final shot with zbrush? will you polypaint the meshes?

I use claytubes/clay most of the time and dam_standard/cutteralpha->(personalized brush thx to my friend Danko) for drapery ^_^

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I will try to render with Vray but if i dont have time enough to work on the textures...and the lighting... ill do it with zbrush :)

cutteralpha? wow :) Sound interesting I dont have any special brush for folds , I play a little with the gravity settings... but its a good idea to personalize a brush

Thank you by the way!

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Thank you Nino3thd! im glad you like it! And Huber ,thank you too ,I love the last stuff in your model (But Im gonna tell you that in your thread, as expected...)

Im sorry im not being very active in the forum... and my original intention of writing in 3 languages...oops... I guess that wasnt realistic


I miss working with symmetry so much... Im working in a way that I have to work twice for everything...Four hand retopologies..., same with feet... modeling details twice...What a mess


One foot is ready.

Edited by Palomita Alperi

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