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[eng] - Contest Metamorphosis regulation

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All images are property of their respective authors

Metamorphosis - 3D Contest

ITALIAN VERSION HERE, the first Italian site about 3D computer graphic, is proud to launch a contest for 3D artists called METAMORPHOSIS.

The contest is free and open to Italian and foreign artists.


The contest will take place on forum from 05.07.2012 to 06.30.2012.


A jury composed by Mr Alessandro Baldasseroni, Mr Francesco Corvino and Mr Matteo Stirati will choose the best three images that will receive a prize from our sponsor LUMINA, PIXOLOGIC (makers of ZBrush), NEC, 3DConnexion with the following gifts:

- 1st prize: LUMINA Lamp Ra with a commercial value of 1600€ + Pixologic ZBrush commercial license (value of 699$)

- 2nd prize: Pixologic ZBrush commercial license (value of 699$) + Monitor NEC MultiSync EA232WMi 23" with a commercial value of 378€

- 3rd prize: 3DConnexion SpaceMouse Pro with a commercial value of 355€


The awards will represent both the quality of the 3D work and the commitment in the community.


The purpose of the contest is mainly to allow forum members and artists around the world to share their art, creative ideas, tips and ultimately become more skilled while attempting to challenge the problems related to the creation of CG images.

All the participants must open a new thread in the forum Contest Metamorphosis with title: 'username - Metamorphosis' where they can periodically share their work in progress, receive comments from other users and ask them for advice.

The final image must be published in the same thread before the midnight of the last day of the contest and must be at least 1920 pixel wide.

The theme of the contest is the Metamorphosis: the participants must imagine how the human race may evolve/transform itself due to genetic or environmental mutations, due to nanotechnology or the intervention of an alien race on our genome.

The task required is to represent an idea of metamorphosis as a facial or a total body concept.

Technological grafts, epidermic changes and/or any kind of organic change are accepted.

All 3D programs are accepted and the final image can be post processed with any 2D painting software.

It is not permitted to use third party models or models done before the begin of the contest.

Participants expressly agree to the contest, through the acceptance of this regulation not to use the competition to distribute any material that could be incorrect and / or defamatory, libellous, untrue, inaccurate, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, offensive to certain religious, sexual, threatening, invasive of someone’s privacy or in general does not comply with current legislation. The above material will be subject to the unquestionable judgment of, who has the right not to admit the images to the contest, if the such criteria are not respected.

All rights of works submitted to the competition remain property of the authors.

All the participants authorize to screen, print or distribute with any media (existing or to be invented), digital or analogue paper, the material sent to the contest, for publishing occasion or events organized by Authors, by accepting this regulation, waive any right of publication. undertakes to mention the names of authors for each of the above cases.

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metterei in palio anche il così detto ''cucchiaio di legno''per il quarto posto,può far piacere avere una classifica più dettagliata,visto che lo scopo principale del contest è il confrontarsi con degni ''avversari''

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