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Conversione Materiali 3dsmax In Vraymat

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è possibile convertire gli architectural material di 3dsmax in materiali vray in modo che funzionino quando si renderizza con vray?

esiste un converter o qlc di simile?

grazie in anticipio!


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se non ricordo male ho scaricato un vray material converter prorio da treddi. c'erano due programmini che riguardavano proprio questo tipo di problemi. ora sono in ufficio cerco a casa eti faccio sapere.


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vedi un pò questo riferimento


A simple MAXScript to automate otherwise time-consuming tasks regarding converting some types of materials (currently: Standard, Raytrace, Brazil Advanced and fr-Advanced)

to VRay Materials (VRayMtl and VRyLightMtl), and also fixes some parameters of materials of previous versions V-Ray (1.09.xx) in view of changes in new versions V-Ray (1.46.xx).

Now the script has installer. At installation it finds and deletes

previous versions of VRayMtlConverter. The Brief information and the

instruction on installation is in file VRayMtlConverter2_info.txt

applied in attached archive.

The new version of the converter now works with materials of any

V-Ray versions (since 1.09.xx and including 1.46.xx)

In this version more new function has appeared:

- converting Brazil Advanced material in VRayMtl (testing in Brazil r/s 1.2.53)

- converting fr-Advanced material in VRayMtl (testing in finalRender-stage1 SP2d)

- converting of library of materials from a file (*.mat) and save in different library file;

- optimize VRyMtl v1.09.xx in material VRyMtl v1.46.xx;


1: After installing run 3dsmax, in the Customize dialog go to the '3DZverTools' category.

2: Drag the 'VRayMtlConverter v2.0' into any desired toolbar or put it in a quad menu.

3: Use this tool.

Link per lo scaricamento dello script: http://www.scriptspot.com/scripts/web_uplo...erter2_info.zip


[The VRay Automator]:

Per maggiori info dare un'occhiata alla seguente immagine:

Link per lo scaricamento dello script: http://figurefarm.pixelmood.com/7h_vray_automator_v1.zip

preso da bebo


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