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Krachen_Tools V2.0 for NUKE

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queste le feature:

Krachen_Tools V2.0 for NUKE

K_Denoise: It works on YCbCr colorspace instead of RGB. It helps to soften digital artifact removing black, white and coloured dots

K_LumaKeyer: advanced tool that give you the opportunity to perform a luma key in different color space

K_AlphaEdge: It helps to menage the alpha edges, it allows to have some advanced operation such as dilate/erode, blur e gain on both inside and outside the edge separately

K_BeautyCleaner: It helps to have a classic beauty clean up. Expecially designed to clean models or actors skin and face

K_Blue and K_Green_killer: advanced color spill suppression

K_Antialiasing: it solve the aliasing problem

K_Nightvision: infrared night vison effect

Nella nostra sezione formazione trovi i video corsi GoPillar al prezzo più basso che puoi trovare in rete!

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