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Developed by Eduardo Souto Moura (Pritzker 2011) and João Álvaro Rocha, this architectural competition project is located in Ourense and includes a TGV Station, Hotel, Office Building and a Master Plan surrounding all this buildings. Finished last November, this is the digital result of around 15 days of work. Constant modifications – even to the building structure and materials – were carried out till the last hour and we had to follow very strict rules regarding image dimensions. Not the perfect job we would say, but this is what was possible to do taking into consideration that the important thing was to achieve exactly what the client wanted, mostly focused on the building form and materials. Surely in this case, 3DS Max was used more as a tool than to create a finished product, like my friend Fabio D´Agnano would say.

The winner of this competition was Norman Foster.

As always comments & critics are most welcome!





Best regards,

Jacinto Monteiro


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awe awe, i love almost all your works, great details in every detail.

i would like to ask you something more about your studio for example:

-how many people works at metrocubico?

-how many of those worked on this project?

-which are your studio's hardwares?

and so on...so basically some infos about mcd :) thanks, great works

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