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new scene - stylish bath


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Ciao a tutti im iniziare una nuova scena e Ive ha deciso di postare qui per la prima volta nella sezione WIP, Ill essere fino a completare l'aggiornamento. Spero vi piaccia ..

Hey all im starting a new scene and Ive decided to post it here for the first time on WIPs section, Ill be updating until finish. I hope you like it.. seeya.







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for now ..perfect material, faboulous details and great lighting.

seams will be a great image.

p.s. why you need a post it for SEX :))))

EHHEHE... hey tredistudio, thanks in advance for your coment... I apreciate every word you said.

The post it for sex is a kind of "story" ive imagine on this scene.

I thought this post it was writen after sex ...

Imagine you having a perfect night with your girl and you 2 sleep... In the morning you wake up and she gone work, but let this post it on bathroom to you remember the amazing night that you have together.

It was something like that... Every scene I create I like to make this kind of storyboard thinking

(sorry for my english)

Thanks so much giona and davidooone... Ill keep posting

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Im rendering ght now but I can post here a wireframe latter, no problem...

Ill write Making of just if I win the best prize :) :) :)

In this images theres no post production, I think I can improve some things... I hope so.

This image will have a lot of close ups, everyshader was made to be seen at very close point of views



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