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This is a personal work, focused on one of the main classroom buildings of FAUP – arch. Álvaro Siza Vieira. If I remember well, the tower is called Bloco H. In the tower background, the body of the library and museum can be spotted. It was on those background buildings where “FAUP – Path to Knowledge” 3D work was actually created.

Several methods, inside 3Ds Max, were used to achieve the high level of dirt detail by using vray dirt and/or composite inside vray blend materials. The full scene with Overcast and Night mood, ready to render, is available in here: scene faup 3d model.

Trees and small plants are not provided. Grass is included.

Thanks for viewing.

C&C are most welcome!







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in Italian we say "stigrancazzicazzi". means something like very (but very) beautiful image.

Ahahah! :)

I'm agree.. Great images!!


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