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Clean Grass


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What do you guys think about this grass pic I've just rendered?


The way I approached this scene is by lighting the grass the way you would normally do in a studio. This is the screenshot of the lighting setup:


The grass I used comes from the HQ Grass pack ("pattern_1x1_wild-grass-c1d23-01-2"). I exported it as a .vrmesh file so that I could clone it easily without having to think about RAM usage too much.

The materials are the ones that come from the HQ Grass pack: 3 Vray2SidedMaterials applied to different grass blades in order to add some randomness to the colors.

RAW render:


A very important step here was the postprocessing done in Photoshop. After I exported the render as a TIFF file and the depth pass:

- I corrected the color balance a bit

- duplicated the layer

- blurred it a bit with the Gaussian Blur filter

- changed the Blending mode to screen

- lowered the opacity to 40 %

- sharpened the result with the Topaz Sharpen filter.

I then used the DOF Pro Generator to create the depth of field effect by loading the depth map and augmenting the size of the aperture.


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