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Michele Boldoni

"Defective Bigbot" Short Movie

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Character Rigging - Michele Boldoni

Animation - Giuseppe Giovannelli

Visual Effects - Valerio Di Napoli

Lighting and Shading - Bernardo Spadafora

Compositing - Roberto Saba

Motion Graphics - PierPaolo Capoluongo

Audio Design - Raffaele Presciutti

3D Model - BigRock

Creators of History, Management Team and Rendering Team - Michele Boldoni, Giuseppe Giovannelli


The video is a short made completely in CG, which recounts the misadventures of a clumsy and aggressive robots trying to pass a test trial during his exercise.

The video is the result of the union at a distance of a team of friends who had fun in his spare time to create this short. Each of us who have found jobs worked during the production of short.
Perhaps its purpose is to bring good luck!

Look and Feel:

As soon as we have seen is the robot came naturally assume that the short was set in an aseptic space. Its funny caricature then defined the character of the robot good and messy.

The choice of colors and textures is simple and all decisions are approved together by all the team. It 'was the character design to inspire the entire short.

Description of the techniques used to produce a scene:

The robot was modeled and textured, then was setupped from me who am the rigger on the team. Meanwhile, the artist has begun testing lighter shading and rendering based on the character in order to study the short-wide lighting. The animator was then able to start animation. To obtain the dynamics of the system we used smoke particles maya. This was rendered separately using the locators to track the positions of the robots in the final scene. After we rendered the animation and dynamic animation. The compositor then merges all the rendered passes thus defining the short end and adding the output from the rocket fire. This precomp were then added to the beginning and end titles short and small effects during the animation, such as initials hatches and other small corrections. The whole project was managed from a distance and is a collaborative effort of the team members.

Software Used:

- Maya for modeling, texturing, rigging, dynamic, shading, lighting, animation and rendering;

- Nuke for compositing;

- After Effects for motion graphics and titles;

- QuickTime video compression

- Logic Studio for audio design


Animation: 40 seconds;

The entire short: 1 minute and 33 seconds;


Absolutely zero euro. It's a homemade short movie.

Production time:

We are all busy with their work then try to take advantage of free moments. Eventually enough to be well organized!


You can find it also on my site under myWorks section:

Visible on Vimeo:

Thanks to Everybody,


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geniali anche i titoli di coda :Clap03:

ah, sorry for my english :D

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