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Cat 1.3


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Latest Features

CAT V1.3


All rig elements stretchy – adjust spines and limbs in setup mode interactively, in the viewport; greatly streamlines rig setup.

Every limb bone now has a unique name

Each bone in the limb now has a unique name. The bone’s name is concatenated with the limb’s, and character’s name to get the node’s name.

$<CharName> + <L,M,orR> + <Limb Name> + <Bone Name>

If no LimbName is given then only the bone name and CharName are concatenated. This makes

bone names like $BobLThigh possible.

Spine link naming automatically adjusts for more than 10 links

The spine naming now uses the 01 for spines with more than 10 links.

Show Rig and Hide Rig buttons

New Show Rig and Hide Rig on the CATParent’s modifier panel rollout are quick ways to show and hide the rig.

Automatic application of Ragdoll constraints to CATRig

The new CATRigReactor constraint script automates the process of rigging a character with Ragdoll constraints.


Footprints update as Path Node edited

Now as the Path Node is transformed the footprints update immediately. A crash related to undoing Path Node transformations has also been fixed.

Keyframe animation

Pin Tip Hub

Feature allows, for example the pelvis to be temporarily adjusted without affecting the ribcage.

Display keyframes on multiple layers options

The CATParent now has options for changing the way keyframes and tracks are displayed in the Track Bar and in the Curve Editors in 3ds max. You now have the option of displaying:

1. The currently active layer;

2. Any layer contributing to the character’s animation;

3. All layers.

Poses can now be loaded onto relative layers

Poses can now be loaded onto relative layers in the Layer Manager.

UI updates

Include widening the list boxes in the Layer Manager and buttons that will work with dark colour schemes.


Capture Animation onto CATRig off any animation hierarchy (including Biped)

A new Capture Animation script gives the user the ability to transfer animation from one character to another. The feature is fully mappable with a Drag-N-Drop Interface and offsets to adjust its alignment with the CATRig. The whole mapping and offsets system is saveable to .CAM preset files.

Limb Pose System

Poses on legs and arms can now be saved and loaded between rigs.

More Pose Mirroring options

Poses can now be mirrored using three different coordinate system planes: character space YZ (an imaginary plane that divides left from right), World Space XZ plane, and World Space YZ plane.

All CATBones are now flagged as Bones in 3ds max

All CATBones are now flagged as Bones in 3ds max. This is a move to help some exporters recognise the CAT hierarchy as a skeleton.

Script Access

Many of our users have requested expanded script support. CAT 1.3 has had significant work done on scripting and the following functions can now be called from script:

· All Layer Manipulations

· All CATMotion functions

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