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Beautiful work! Excellent yield and lighting. Software used for modeling?

Some points of the image, are very blurry but however, very nice :)

One point and five stars!


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Nice render, just a couple of details that could be improved. The bump on the white leather seems to me that is a little too evident; if I'm not mistaken there's a little dof on the near carpet (it's a little blurred anyway), but no other object seems to be affected by it, especially at the bottom of the nearest couch there's a sharp line, just like the object have been pasted with photoshop (it probably enters a little too much in the floor). It has been already pointed out, but the texture of the red pillow is too blurred considering how near the camera it is (maybe it's just the kind of texture, but it's not very pleasant to see)and the way the girl's hair are cut is a little strange (you tried to hide this issue overexposing the area with a glow effect, but it's still noticeable).

The image is probably too white for my taste, I mean there isn't any object that truly catches the eye apart the less important ones, but even if you tried to use them to guide the eye around the scene you overlooked the sense of depth. What is missing is probably the color composition in the scene, but that's just my opinion.

For the rest, the composition of the objects in the scene works well enough and overall I found it very well done. Good job. :Clap03:

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As I said the problem IMHO isn't that the room is white, that is just my personal taste. ;)

It's a fairly good result, I just think that... you know what, you could take a look to the work of other professionals as reference to get what I mean. Obviously there is nothing like a good photo as reference, but maybe you could take a look at some renderings done by artists like Marek Denko, Alex Roman, Francesco Legrenzi (in his gallery there are some images with a lot of white) and you could go and see the galleries at the sites of AREA autodesk and evermotion (the average quality of the works is pretty high).

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I did this scene in less than 5 hours.

It was a study of light and I didn't expect so much prominence.

I'm very pleased with it despite the flaws... I got the "white" that I wanted.

I haven't pretense of comparing me to artists so well respected, and not my intention to "plagiarize" or "imitate" or "inspire me" in them, because lack a lot for me to get on their level.

I know their work (Denko, Roman, etc), only I'll not be imitating ... Already have many people out there doing it.

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Er... well, apparently I didn't expressed correctly what I meant. I never said to copy or imitate their style but to study their work, the same way you would do looking at a real photograph (that is, in fact, a synthesis of reality captured by the photographer).

Just my two cents. ;)

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