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Join us at the first autostereoscopic (3d glasses free) contest!

Juma Communication Italy

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JUMA Communication www.juma.tv is partnering with www.alioscopy.com , the first company in the world to have produced autostereoscopic monitors that allow you to view content that is made ​​with 3D modeling software in real 3D without glasses.

Want to spread and make known your work modeled in 3DStudio Max or Maya or Softimage or Cinema4D and be among the first to model for autostereoscopic and maybe win a prize?

Juma Communication participates in www.nem-summit.eu as an organizer of the first exhibition / contest of the autostereoscopic 3D modeling and has the opportunity to win with you "Main Contest" of the "Call for NEM Arts in 2011. Many awards and prizes to be won. ( http://nem-summit.eu/2011/06/27/2011-nem-art-design-contest-21-artworks-submitted/ number 13)

To participate with us you have three ways:

1. Create something new

2. Send us your best work

3. To participate '"OWOW" One World for One Work

1. Create your own work, possibly on the theme of "relationship between technology and art." It can be a style frame or an animation of a maximum of 15 ".

2. If you have some of your work in the drawer that you consider valuable, do not hesitate, however, is an opportunity to experience something new that affects your work or your passion.

3. What is OWOW? OWOW is' an experiment on the network to use the network useful and creative. And 'the attempt to create a work group at a distance. The proposals are two: the first concerns the past and involves the reinterpretation AS3D of Botticelli's Venus. The second forward-looking wants to recreate a town’s scenario in year 3000!

What happens to your work?

Three winning entries will be enacted by a prestigious jury and their authors are entitled to accommodation at the expense of JUMA Communication.

The winners will receive a plaque of merit.

All works will be projected from 27 to 29th September 2011 to NEM-Summit in Turin, Italy.

All rights of the work in 3D remain the author.

If in the future the work in 3D was sold by JUMA, JUMA Communication will be recognized to the author a percentage of 75% of sales value.

All rights of autostereoscopic version are to the author and JUMA Communication.

If  in the future the autostereoscopic version of 3D work was sold, Communication JUMA will be recognized to the author a percentage of 50% of sales value.

What are you waiting?

Sign up now to the form and fill out your choices. You will be contacted shortly and then you will receive all the instructions to participate, the plugin, for 3DStudio Max or Maya or Softimage or Cinema4D, necessary for autostereoscopic rendering and instructions for setting the scene for autostereoscopy system. All in relation to your opinions and intention to participate.

Registration does not imply any commitment.

Tempus fugit!

This is the link of the subscrition form:


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