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I thilima, I don't like the project and the material chosen for the kitchen and that give to me the impression that still it is not an ended job, but, at always, I like your style and the atmosphere of your render.

Hope you understand my bad english.... :unsure:

:hello: :hello:


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Hi thilima.

First of all, sorry for my bad english.

Great mood man (as for all your works) and good post (may we see the original output to appreciate the ending result?).

The detail that I like is the lower cabinets: they frame out the lamp... Wonderfull!

Maybe Zebrano Wood texture is too big (expecially in the close up of the handles and on the top of the stools); I like very much the reflections, instead.

Finally, a little design consideration: kitchen cabinets are too tight (or the tight ones are too much). They seem only for few wine glasses: not for dishes or pots. But these are only my opinions ;).

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Thanks bebbu

I think I agree with the design, this work was made in one day I dont projected everything as much as I wanted. Thanks and is nice to know that you like my render style

Hye multimano,

I need to agree with the coment about texture, yes, its too big i didn´t see that, thanks to coment.

seeya my great friends

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Hey bebbu...

I just think in everty post that I create, someone EVER click on one star just to get down my stats.... I dont know who but thats ok..

Sometimes anyone use the "reputation" function to lower it, too. Maybe only silly guys... D'ont care about them. ;)

I voted 5 to rise up the average... :lol:

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