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Hello dear members!

Here's a bit old work I did last year for my partner studio. Whole scene prepared from scratch.

Hope you will enjoy it a bit.

Very best wishes


My studio page:




facebook page:









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:Clap03: :Clap03: :Clap03: aahh, ci voleva voleva proprio per cominciare la giornata!

Splendide immagini,...rimango incantato e osservo attentamente i tuoi render come guardare un'opera d'arte. Ottimo stimolo per migliorarsi, complimenti anche per i contenuti dei tuoi link.

Buona giornata!


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davvero un ottimo lavoro, bel modo di presentarti.

puoi darci qualche dettaglio in più sul lavoro, per apprezzare meglio le immagini..

ciao e benvenuto su Treddi.com


kawał dobrej roboty, dobry sposób, aby przedstawić się.

możesz dać nam więcej informacji na temat pracy, lepiej docenić zdjęć ..

Witam i zapraszam Treddi.com

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:eek: :eek: :eek:

Oh My God! Absolutely amazing, lighting in your work is from fable and the tree's modellation and colors are very impressive.

Very good work! Thank for your share!

:hello: :hello:



I am drying the dribble from my desk...thank's! :lol:

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avevo già visto questi render perchè sono nel best of di evermotion...

e rimango, come allora, allibito... non c'è davvero niente da dire su un lavoro simile...

perfetto sotto ogni aspetto...

senza ombra di dubbio da BEST OF per me.

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well done buddy..really well done. just two questions:) trees are modeled with pflow or something like growfx or similar? and what about the illumination? a simple sunlight or many omnis or spots?

thank you:)

congratz again

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Hello again!

Thank you guys for your warm welcome. I promise to learn italian! May is a great month to do it,

because we can meet in Venice on workshops organized by State of Art studio.

here you can find more details about this event:


This work has been also published i n 3D Artist mag:


You can find there a step by step tutorial about modeling the plants.

Also on my facebook page you can check some more details and clay renderings.

Anyway the whole modeling has been completed with basic poly modeling and Advanced painter script.

I have created 3 groups of plants of Wisteria and spread them all over the place with painter again as proxies.

In first place of course a lot of reference pictures I have found on the web was very helpfull.

The moss has been also specified by the client so once again with A. Painter I have prepared the model.

The lighting was quite simple:

1 direct standard light for direct lighting and shadows

2. dome light with v ray sky inside for ambient light

I will post soon some more pics. from this project. Hope you will like it.

Very best wishes


Edited by simonhc

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