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Cgtalk Animation Session 13

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volevo provarci, anche se non ho mai animato in vita mia! :)


qualcuno si unisce?

Animation Session 13 - Sound File - July 3 > August 3

Hi Guys ,

Time for the new Animation Session:

Animation Session 13 - Sound File - July 3 > August 3

What to do: Attached is a sound file from the movie Back to the Future. Download that and animate your characters to it.

Rules: You have one month to finish the animation. Other then that anything goes in this session.

You will need to submit the following milestones:

- Planning thumbnails

- Blocking

- Revision

- Final

- Final submission needs to be quicktime sorenson or WMP cinepak encoded 640 x 480 movie file. Prior submissions can be of lower res to minimize file size.

Please create a thread like the following when you enter under the animation session forum:

Your name - Animation Session 13 - Sound File

You can ask any questions you have about the session in this thread.


"wait a minute....wait a minute...doc! are you telling me that you built a time machine out of a de lorean?"

Doc: " The way I see it , If you are gonna build a time machine into a car , why not do it in style?"

Happy Animating!



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