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Eiffel Tower Frames

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Hallo,friends :) I'm Glad that like it!

The scene is nothing special

The software is 3ds max 2009 + Vray,post in Photoshop

I'm using Vray Sun and Sky


*Adaptive DMC



*Color Maping: Exponential 1,1,1

Phys Cam : F-number-4,Shutter speed-100;ISO-200


*The Tree is proxys

Thats all :)

Thank you!

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Hi,nicoparre the tower and trees is commercial model,i just waned to practice rendering and post-production

few times ago ,i wanned to make render viz. to Eiffel Tower,and i think,became good!

Here and the Wire


Thank! :)

P.S... Sorry for my bad english!

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well, now we can understanding better what's your test... :)

it's a very good work, i like the warm light you've created, how much it's render and how much post production?


don't worry about your english, mine isn't so good too... ;)


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