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Clipboard Manager Per Autocad 2007 O Superiori

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collaudato in AutoCAD 2010, funzionante



This plugin can be used with AutoCAD to manage multiple clipboard

entries, storing and renaming them for later use.

System Requirements


This plugin has been tested with AutoCAD 2007 onwards.

A pre-built version of the plugin has been provided which should

work on 32- and 64-bit Windows systems.

The plugin has not been tested with all AutoCAD-based products,

but should work (see "Feedback", below, otherwise).

The source code has been provided as a Visual Studio 2008 project

containing VB.NET code (not required to run the plugin).



Copy the plugin module, "ADNPlugin-ClipboardManager.dll", to a

location on your local system (the best place is your AutoCAD-based

application's root program folder).

Inside your AutoCAD-based application, use the NETLOAD command to load

the plugin. As it loads the application will register itself to load

automatically in future sessions of the Autodesk product into which

it has been loaded whenever the CLIPBOARD command is used.



Once loaded, the CLIPBOARD command can be used to display the

Clipboard Manager palette. When using Ctrl-C (or COPYCLIP) inside

AutoCAD, this palette will display each new set of AutoCAD objects

added to the clipboard for later use.

Each new item is assigned a name automatically, which can be changed

using the right-click menu, F2 or double-clicking on the name. It

also shows the time at which the item was added, to aid in

identifying the contents.

The right-click menu also allows each clipboard item to be inserted,

whether as standard geometry or a block at a selected point, or at

the geometry's original location (if pasting objects between




The REMOVECB command can be used to "uninstall" the plugin, stopping

it from being loaded automatically in future editing sessions.

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