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3Ds Max Import - Autocad Drawing Vs. Legacy Autocad - Differenze

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3ds Max 2011 offers two types of import of DWG files (M > Import > Import > Formats) - the new "AutoCAD Drawing" and the old "Legacy AutoCAD". The new type is preferred in most situations.

What are the differences?

Supported only in the new "AutoCAD Drawing" mode:

Support for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and Revit Sun and Shadows information.

Support for AutoCAD Architecture mapped UV textures on objects.

Support of multiple materials on ACIS solids in files from Revit Architecture 2008 and AutoCAD Architecture (ADT) 2007 and later.

Support for all ObjectARX custom objects (ignored by the Legacy importer).

Specialized support for AutoCAD Architecture and Revit objects, including style/component grouping and naming, style associations for material and modifier propagation, and material translation and assignment.

Specialized support for AEC Civil contour objects (translated into a Terrain object).

Support for Raster objects.

Support for axonometric named views (translated into cameras with the Orthogonal toggle turned on).

Support for attached drawing xrefs.

Support for DXF files.

Rescaling to imported drawings created with units that differ from the 3ds Max system units.

Ability to skip frozen layers, or to select specific layers to import (or exclude) from a list. Maintaining layer assignments from the drawing file.

Ability to set shape rendering parameters before importing to 3ds Max.

Supported only in the old "Legacy DWG Import" mode:

AutoCAD primitives translated into 3ds Max primitives.

Support for Text (not MText).

Imported blocks are represented as groups.

So it is up to you to decide which type of DWG import is required for your scenarios.

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