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Archviz_Endurance_01: Jeff Patton's Comments

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I'm proud to post the comments by our special guest:

-----Jeff Patton-----

After looking through the renders I thought it might be useful to pick a “Best Surreal” and “Best Realism” renders. Here’s what I came up with:

Best in realism category = Toast



toast03th.jpg toast04th.jpg

Comment: Excellent renders! Very realistic results & great job matching the building to your environment.

Best in surreal category = StateOfArt


stateofart01Dath.jpg stateofart01Dbth.jpg stateofart01Dcth.jpg

Comment: Wonderful composition, textures, lighting, etc.. I found myself coming back and looking at the image several times just taking in all the details & color combinations.


Also, I know I didn’t have to but I made comments on all the other entries as well:



Great render & image composition. Obviously a lot of time was put into creating such a lush environment. Personally speaking I would like to see more contrast in the image. However I realize that's merely my own personal view and it may not fit within the vision the author had for this image.



I think your glass has a very natural feel to it. I also like the blue bounced light from the pool. The lighting feels a bit even/flat in the image though. I think some more warmth to the house lighting would help contrast with the overall cool/blue feel the image currently has.



I would have loved to see a less grainy lighting solution here because I think the overall feel of the lighting is pretty good. The render gives me the feeling of a miniature model though. Perhaps due to the texture scale being too large on the concrete material?



I like the warm/cool contrast in your render. I personally think some blue reflections on the glass would look nice as well & blend the building with the current sky background.



Great concept & executed pretty well too. Perhaps some DOF on the plants near the camera would be nice. Would also be great if the background was a bit higher resolution/less pixelated. Some noise & chromatic aberration added to the rendered aspects would also help blend them into the background. You might also consider adding more warmth to the color of the interior lighting.



Very unique perspective on the scene. Looks like the aftermath of a very bad storm! Would be cool to have everything wet looking (reflective) and possibly add some rain to the scene.



I really like the soft feel your vegetaion has. For me the image may be a bit too saturated, but that's just an opinion and may not fit within your vision for the scene.



I like the camera angle & subtle DOF/blurring in the foreground. Maybe a bit more blue/purple sky light would help add some definition to the render where things are very dark & blend together now.



Great images on both versions. The textures & composition are excellent. I might add more SSS to the plant leaves to brighten it a bit and provide some 'softness' against the stone texture.



Great render & wonderful composition. I think some more SSS on the palm leaves would be nice. Also the sand material may be a bit too uniform at the water line. IMHO some added darkening & reflectivity of the sand where the water would make it wet could help sell that material. Personally, I'd also love to see you create a night version of this scene.



I like the building texture & vegetation. The water looks a bit uninviting for a dip, but would be great for a reflecting pond.



Even though the blossoming tree (upper right of image) is nice, I find it distracting at the same time. It seems to draw my eye towards it in terms of composition. Lighting soluiotn looks good. A subtle ambient occlusion pass may give more depth/grounding shadows to the plants.



Great foliage! I really like the tree trunk texture & subtle DOF. Your glass also has a very natural feel.



Great concept & execution. I can feel the cool air in this render. Might be nice to have a smoother transition between the snow on the roof and the building (maybe some melted areas/ice would be nice). Lighting is great.



Neat concept & render. If anything I might consider adding more reflectivity to the glass and a touch more subtle green/blue tint just to help make it more visible. Nice textures & illumination.



Great imagination & cool render.



Very elegant render. Composition & lighting is very nice.



I think some specular highlights (or reflections) on the building materials may give a bit more realistic feel to those materials.



Very cool! I love the composition, colors and lighting here. It kind of reminds me of something I'd see in a video game. Textures are great. I think some softer shadows would be nice & perhaps some SSS on the vegetation.



Nice render. I like the color contrasts although I find my eyes are immediately drawn to the green logs in the center foreground. Some DOF and/or a slightly different composition would help draw the eye further into the image.



Very smooth render (clean lighting). I'd personally like to see more illumination on the building itself to make it more inviting & stand out more from the overall image.



Very interesting render & nice use of colors.



Great image & composition. I really like the water, vegetation, and theme.



Nice render(s). I like the composition and theme you have but find the color of the water distracting. Would also like to see more thickness added to the wood on the pier walkway.



Great composition! I like the lighitng & textures too.



Very interesting render/composition (and visual story). I hope the person still inside manages to get out in time!



I find your render beautiful in terms of overall feel & composition. I'd like to see a more smooth transition between the snow on the roof & building (more wetness/moisture on the building perhaps). Great work!



It's a good start with a lot of potential. The lighting seems too uniform in color at the moment compared to the background. You may want to explore a warmer sun light source with a strong blue skylight (bounced light source).



IMHO the exposure on both renders is a bit too hot (bright) for me (maybe it's my monitors). The composition looks good but I think you may be losing some details due to the brightness.



I really like the foliage & lighting. Especially true with the render with the sun behind the structure. I also like the close up with DOF image.


stanslavov01th.jpg stanslavov02th.jpg

Wow! Excellent renders. I REALLY like the floating version! Great work & excellent imagination!



Good composition. I did find the water haze a bit distracting though.



I like the composition & foliage. I think some ambient occlusion may help bring out some details in the model & add a touch of contrast. Glass material looks good.



Great environment. Seems to have a miniature feel to it due to the DOF, but I really like the natural feel of the lighting...especially on the interior near the tub.



Nice resort concept. Lighting/exposure seems a bit hot. The building may benefit from some ambient occlusion & more indirect illumination (some areas seem very dark).



Great composition and overall image. I like the softness the render has as well.



Nice work on the textures. I think the lighting could be improved a bit with some blue skylight to better match the environment.

Edited by nicolce

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Thank you very much Jeff.

It's been a pleasure and an honor to have you as our guest.

We appreciate that you've commented all the entries.

Congatulations to everyone and especially to Toast and Stateofart!

Edited by nicolce

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great jeff... :)

a comment about every image it's the better thing you could do... ;)

congratulation to the winners from me too...



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hello everyone,

hi & respect Jeff Patton!

Toast's image shows his skills in rendering,but in my opinion the best in show is Ytsejam's image.too cool,near what art can do with our feelings.

surely this is a little and personal opinion because I have not the skill,the experiences and the eyes to judge these works.especially because Jeff Patton is in the area :rolleyes:


(ok now I have got two brand new enemies...Jeff & Toast... :crying: )

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A big thanks to Jeff Patton for the time spent to comment all the images.

Thank you to treddi that gived us a chance like this.

Thanks to all the partecipants that made this a great contest!


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Thank you very much Jeff! It was an honor for me that you might have seen and commented on my images. Honor the winners, you've produced images really a cut above the others! Congratulations! :Clap03:

@nicolce: quando avete intenzione di iniziare un nuovo Archviz?? E' stata un'esperienza bellissima confrontarsi con tutti voi fratelli di Treddi! :lol:


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Hello everyone

I would like to congratulate the winners and everyone who participated, the comments of Mr. Jeff Patton were very important.

Nicolce @: During the challenger, I created 3 different scenes, but only one comment was made of the scenes rendered in Artlantis, lacked the scenes rendered in mental ray,

Greetings to all


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Hey so cool that you give a feed back to all image, thanks for this jeff!

Posso solo rinnovare i miei complimenti a tutti i partecipanti per il lavoro svolto!

Bella iniziativa da perte del forum, mi sono proprio divertito :hello: grazie ai moderatori per il vostro lavoro!


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@Nicolce, I thought he would make comments all the images posted, now I understand the procedure.

appreciate the attention.

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Thanks so much Jeff for the comments and congratulations to Toast and StateofArt for their great jobs :Clap03::Clap03::hello:

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