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hi all , bonjorno ;-)

this is simple 3d scene experiment for some colors trick (in ps cs3)

not perfect but hope you like it

3dsmax9/vray sp 4a / ps cs3



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: adding thumb :)

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Inviata (modificato)

hi stanslavov, i've added the thumb to your first message... ;)

in, if you want that your new thred appears in home page you must upload an image (just a little one, 112x112 pixel) directly in your private space... :)

about your image... i like it! :) i find that your green it's best on left side, where you've used complex texture on foliage... the branch on right have something strange... i find leaves few glossy, and few traslucency too... and the wall covered by musk seems too musch flat... despite your displace... ;)

idem for gravel in fountain...

apart this little points i find your image suggestive and interesting... i'm waiting for others works... ;) bye! :hello:


buongiorno, not buonjorno... ;):hello:

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