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sir leon

[Indie] Start Team Is Searching For Utopian Rebirth

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Il bando è in inglese perchè è quello preso direttamente dal nostro sito web.

Star Team is an independent game developing team.

Our main project is a 3D RTS game.

This is started as a remake of a classic game from Commodore Amiga, Utopia the creation of a nation.

It's a strategy game with research and economical aspects; something between Command&Conquer and Civilization.

The base language of the game will be English but we will traslate it in lot of languages (italian, spanish, french, dutch, sweden, portuguese)

Our goal is to have something for the end of 2010.

The game will be probably delivered by download but we are evaluating to make a boxed version of the game.

What kind of collaboration we are offering?

The project is for now a secondary and overtime job. So we can't dedicate full time , but we spent lot of hours the same.

People we are looking for will have time to develope their tasks but we also love to complete what we start.

As a indie team we don't have a share capital but we also know that a good work must have something back for renumeration so we choose to share (proportionately) what we gain from our projects with all the team members based how much their contribution will affect the quality of the project

Even if we have some competent developer our team is not complete at moment.

We are looking for help in some specific role:

One or more 2D Artists, we are looking for someone that will help in:

build some concept art starting from our ideas and from game we inspire.

enhance our GUI system graphics.

work with 3D Artists for textures.

create Characters graphics and simple animations.

One or more 3D Artists, we are looking for someone that will help in:

use of a 3D tool (like 3D Studio Max 2010) to enhance and create 3D Model of ingame entities.

work with 2D Artists for textures and for optimization and realization of the concept arts.

use our Map Tool for build game maps and scenarios

Translators, we are looking for someone that will help in:

translate our GUI system graphics.

translate our ingame dialogs and texts

translate and work on intro scenes subtitles

Developers, we are looking for someone that will help in:

experienced in C# language

optional 3D programming knowledge

optional Ogre/Mogre knowledge

If you are interested in join our team and want to show us your credentials, send a PM specifing for what role you would like to cover and showing us some of your current projects so we can see your skill.

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