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ciao :)

I come from Poland and it's my first post on this forum.

The subject of this post is in the title, but i have to write, that this castle is the biggest bricks bulding in the Europe :wacko: . I made this witch plans and photos.

Write what are you thinking (also ilaty, becouse i anderstand but i can't write)


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First of all welcome on treddì! :D

For the render I must agree with lucinghialo, the model looks quite good, but you must improve your lighting: i think that with the right atmosphere a.k.a. illumination you can produce a very impressive image.

Keep it up! :D

"la spada è l'estensione dell'anima"

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Welcome Boguslaw.

I agree with the comments sayd till now...and I add a new one.

It's my personal opinion you would make more interesting the result if you could catch the perspective from the base of the castle (man-view) to maximize the drama and fix more personality to the castle and of course to add realism.About the light...I would appreciate a blu-orange contrast typical for sky-stone mix.It could be a very nice work..and I am sure you know how to improve it.seeing forward...


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thanx for salutation :)

And i have to tell you one thing. I now that the textures aren't good, but all model is witch accuracy 5cm. I do it this castle with oryginaly plans and photos. All of work is sometching about 2 years. For all of object is wery dificult to find/do wery good textures. Second thing is that it have to be night illumination (3th picture). There quality of all textures is practically not to sight.

In the future i want to modyfi this thing but now i have to deadline 2 weeks for visualisation all of projects. If i find serwer i will take link to couple minutes wisualisation all castle and visualisation night illumination.

Thanx for post and grettings from abroad


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Czesc Boguslaw, jak sie masz?

That's all i know about poland language!

Anyway, backing to serious things i also agree with my friend's advices, texturing is quite good but i can't say the same about light's setting...

My about illumination scene!

Pozdrowienia polska!

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