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Solidrocks 0.85a

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Ecco le release notes pubblicate dal creatore dell'applicazione :

What's new in 0.85 (03/07/2009) :


New things:


- Max 2010 compatible (you need to activate hardware shading in viewports to see realtime gamma changes)

- Vray 1.5 SP3/SP3a compatible (ambient occlusion handling)

- Vray RT compatible (!). SolidRocks and RT works well together

- Less buttons and shorter window

- New render methods

- Basic/advanced GUI (adv.tools)

- Includes the QuickCreate toolbar for fast Vray object creation

- New and less presets : better and cleaner renderings

- Better glossies interpolation (if desired)

- New "Perfect Caustics" option for realistic&sharp caustics

(see www.chaosgroup.com/forums/vbulletin/show...ighlight=fun+caustic for more infos)

improvements :


- Separated reflect/refract interpolations for best comfort

- draft, Preview and Minipreview are 150% faster

- now keeps the render panel open/closed when SR is launched/closed

- no more flashing DOS window at starting

- new bucket management for EXR savings compatibility

- added a new "select active cam" for best comfort

- quality buttons are replaced by a slider to gain some space

- Color of selected buttons in SR can be changed for best comfort (see SR configuration rollout)

bugs solved :


- far better glossies interpolation (when on). SR075 made some inversions. solved.

- black pixels/zones in sp3 was caused by "check sample visibility", now it's off. result are far better.

- max 2010 gamma handling is finished as far as I could. users need to activate manually the hardware render to see gamma changes in viewports.

PREZZO : 64,58€ (1 licenza)

Download versione demo : LINK

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