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486 Videotutorial Gratis Per Softimage Xsi

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Sono disponibili per la consultazione online ben 486 videotutorial per Softimage XSI, completamente gratuiti.

  • Complete Softimage Production Series
  • The Complete "Tips and Tricks"
  • The Complete "First Contact"
  • The Miscellaneous Collection
  • The XSI 6 Certification Course


(User: server Pass: online)

Maggiori informazioni e contatti con l'autore del sito su xsibase.com


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Per il Complete Softimage Production Series e The XSI 6 Certification Course è possibile richiedere via mail il link per il download di scene d'esempio, script, guide in pdf.

Qui di seguito l'elenco completo dei tutorial:

______Complete Softimage Production Series______



Selection overview

Selection options

Selection tools

Selection filters

Component selection

Selection loops

Selection explorer

Selection wildcards


Changing selection


3D style manipulators

3D SRT manipulators

Local and global modes

Additive mode

Reference and planes



Temporary pivot


Child compensation


Points, polygons and edges

Cluster overview

Cluster overlaps

Cluster editing

Cluster groups

Edge smoothing and creasing

Weight maps overview

Face maker weight maps

Display modes

Relative mode

General Modeling

Modeling sections

Construction modes

Topology operators overview

Contextual menus

Extrude and duplicate

Adding components

Symmetry modeling

Transferring properties

Polygon modeling, part 1

Polygon modeling, part 2

Modifiers and Deformers

Polygon topology

Dissolve and collapse



Curve, cage, spine, surface, volume


Deforms and weight maps

Waves and particles

Relax and smooth


Surfaces and Curves

Topology types

NURBS topology

NURBS to mesh

NURBS modeling, part 1

NURBS modeling, part 2

Curves topology

Curves editing


Object Tools

Subdivision surfaces overview

Duplication options



Army maker

Particle instancing


Reference models, part 1

Reference models, part 2

Materials and Textures


Material Editor relational view

Texture projections, part 1

Texture projections, part 2

Polygon texturing

UV dataset

Multiple projections

Texture projections camera mapping

Texture and Layer Editor

Texture Layer Editor introduction

Texture Layer Editor overview

Texture Layer Editor map lookup mask

Texture Layer Editor clusters

Texture Editor introduction

Head texturing

Unwrapping UVs, part 1

Unwrapping UVs, part 2

Unwrapping UVs, part 3

Contour stretching UVs


Animation Structures

Where animation lives, part 1

Where animation lives, part 2

The model structure, part 1

The model structure, part 2

Child compensation

Marking Sets

Function Curve Editor overview



Transform setup

Pivots and neutral pose

The rolling cube

Animation Mixing

Introduction, part 1

Introduction, part 2

Introduction, part 3

Mixing with f-curves

Mixing with expressions


Bridge transition



Static poses

Sources and Clips


Clip properties

Time properties

Relations between clips

Offset map, part 1

Offset map, part 2

Offset effect

Parent clipping

Pose offset

Shape Animation (morphing)


Construction modes

Cluster shape combiner

Shape mixers modes

Shape reference mode

Animation to shapes

Plotting shapes into animation clips

Selecting and replacing shape keys

Shape merging

Cluster and weight maps

Working with Audio

Audio options





Curve Path

Orientation, Direction

Object to Cluster

Multiple points

Bounding Volume

Pose, Distance, Scaling, Symmetry

Up Vector

Skeletons and IK Solvers

Chain concept and behavior

Move joint tool

2D vs. 3D chains, Preferred angles

IK rotation plane, joint limits, stiffness

IK-FK blending

Setting joint axes, mirroring limbs

Shadow bones

Neutral pose and pivot

Chain constraining

Enveloping (skinning)


Envelope setup

Weight editing

Multiple envelopes

Reference pose

Character Rigs

Proportional guide

Foot roll

Arms, hips and fingers

Symmetry, chest and spine

Shoulder, belly and ears

Character setup

Roll and skin options

Shadow rigs

Dog leg rig

Quadruped rig

Character Development Kit

Tail creation

Tail spring

Tail parameters

Tail animation

Tail IK-FK blend

Control spine creation

Control spine example

Scripting commands

Animating Deformations


Interpolation of enveloping shape

Cluster material and UV interpolation

Corrective shape modeling

Quaternion roll distribution

Pose based deformers

Relaxing geometry

Cage deform


Link keys

Device drivers

Blending constraints

Constraints example

Linking constrains

Camera blocking

Animation mixer & Hand setup


Render Tree Basics

Introducing the Render Tree

Extracting position information

Extracting rotation information

Extracting UV information

Render Tree Techniques

Applying UV perturbation

Creating a Wipe Mask

Adding perturbation to the Wipe Mask

Using the mask in FX Tree composite

Using weight maps to control displacement maps

Baking lighting information into color at vertices

Color at vertices continued

Altering rendering based on raytracing state

Introducing the Color Matte shader

Using Color Matte to change surface shading

Creating Effects with the Gradient Shader

Introducing the Gradient Shader

Caustic effects

Flame animation

Instanciating the flames using the Sprite Shader

Distance and layered fog

Custom illumination with the Incidence Shader

Non-realistic illumination models (toon)

Rim light effect on skin-like shading

Fake subsurface scattering look

Elliptical Filtering

How Elliptical Filtering works

Why flickering and shimmering occur

Using Elliptical Filtering

Converting a texture to a Memory Map

Creating a Memory Map with pyramidal levels

Extracting pyramidal levels from a Memory Map

Bump Mapping

Introducing Bump Mapping

How shaders relate during Bump Map computation

Applying a local Bump Map

Global vs. local Bump Mapping

Object scaling vs. Bump Map parameters

Resolving flickering with Elliptical Filtering

Resolving flickering with distance-based modulation

Creating surface water drops with Vein

Using procedural shaders as a Bump Map source

Blending and mixing multiple Bump Map sources


Light types

Area lights

Shadow Maps

Volumic Shadow Maps

Volumic Shadow Maps for hair

Introducing Caustics

Caustics in use

Introducing Global Illumination

Global Illumination in use

Radiance Control

Final Gathering

Setup and workflow

Radiance Control on indirect light levels

Image-based lighting

Using auto-compute to set Final Gathering

Photon & Final Gathering management for render farms

Using ray type to optimize Final Gathering

Render Passes Explained

Introducing Render Passes

Controlling the Pass Camera

Render options

Shader stack



Render Passes in Use

Matte pass

Ambient and diffuse pass

Specular pass

Shadow pass

Volumic light pass

Caustic pass

Global Illumination pass

Final Gathering pass

Image-based pass

___Rendering Concepts________________

Antialiasing and Adaptive Sampling


Threshold example

Rapid motion shading rate

Motion Blur

How motion blur works

Motion blur threshold example

Rapid motion and motion blur

BSP Tree

BSP tree parameters

How BSP tree works

BSP tree and render performance

BSP tree statistics

BSP tree tuning setup

BSP tree render tests

BSP tree render test results

Using the BSP tree tuner script

Rendermap: Concept and Examples

Introducing rendermap

Using unique UVs

Multiple objects to a single texture

Multiple objects to multiple maps

Rendermap: Extracting Normal Maps

Manually extracting normal map

Applying the normal map

Optimizing normal map extraction

Using GPU Surface FX

Rendermap: High Resolution Maps


Basic setup

Calibrating the camera

Extracting the displacement map

Applying the displacement map

Displacement Maps


Simple displacement


Tessellation parameters

Tuning the parameter

Fine approximation

Scaling vs. length view

Displacement math introduction

Math nodes: Unary, Basic, Bias gain

Extracting displacement using scalar math


Rigid Body Dynamics

Rigid body environment overview

Establishing scale

Laying out your components

Active vs. passive objects

Applying constraints

Setting collisions

Rigid Body Dynamics Concepts

Animation and initial state

Working with center of mass


Hierarchies: managing rigid rigs

The dynamics operator

How adaptive collisions work

Collisions settings

Caching simulation to the mixer

Optimization technique

Rigid Body Dynamics Examples

Self-propelled multi-leg rig, part 1

Self-propelled multi-leg rig, part 2

Walking machine, part 1

Walking machine, part 2

Walking machine, part 3

Drawbridge, part 1

Drawbridge, part 2

Drawbridge, part 3

Hair Concepts & Workflow

System overview

Surface hair

Spline hair

Building a mesh to work with Hair

Transferring and using weight maps

Working with combing

Working with clumping

Proportional and general deformers

Adjusting parameters for fine tuning

Creating curly hair effects

Hair Examples

Working with symmetry

Working with dynamics


Transferring UVs

Texturing surface hair using scalar state

Texturing spline hair using scalar state

Hair shader: volume vs. geometry

Hair shader: settings overview

Hair geometry shader

Using detail shadow maps

Hair Optimization

Hair operators

Volume vs. geometry render times

Pipeline optimization technique

Particle Introduction

System overview

Event overview

Accessing the data

Creating a simple smoke trail

Particle Concepts

Sketching particles

Inter-particle avoidance and collisions


Sprite animation controls

Sprite render times

Object instancing

Particle goals

Particle goals: curves

Particle shader basics


Particle Examples

Scripted events: reading data

Scripted events: writing data

User parameters

Scripting goal behavior, part 1

Scripting goal behavior, part 2

Scripting goal behavior, part 3

Render tree: gradient control using vector info

Render tree: gradient control using UVs

______The Complete "Tips and Tricks"______

Interaction & Manipulation

Interaction & Manipulation: Middle Clicking

Interaction & Manipulation: Right Clicking

Interaction & Manipulation: Modifier Keys

Interaction & Manipulation: The Magic B Key

Interaction & Manipulation: Point Placement

Interaction & Manipulation: Tweaking Tricks

Viewing & Display

Viewing & Display: Mixed Viewing Mode

Viewing & Display: On-Screen Display Info

Viewing & Display: X-Ray Specs

Viewing & Display: Center vs Frame

Viewing & Display: Hidden Line Help

Transformation Tricks

Transformation Tricks: Transformation Menu

Transformation Tricks: Transformation Groups

Transformation Tricks: Fun With Formulae

Transformation Tricks: Keying Panel

Transformation Tricks: Weighted Constraints

Transformation Tricks: Linking Parameters

Transformation Tricks: Duplication Decisions

Modeling & Construction

Modeling & Construction: Symmetry Modeling

Modeling & Construction: Filling Mesh Holes

Modeling & Construction: Construction History

Modeling & Construction: Secondary Shape Mode

Modeling & Construction: Groups & Clusters

Modeling & Construction: Groups & Clusters 2

Modeling & Construction: Selection Secrets

Personalizing XSI

Personalizing XSI: Layout Loopholes

Personalizing XSI: Toolbar Tricks

Personalizing XSI: Toolbar Tricks 2

Personalizing XSI: Making Menus

Personalizing XSI: Main Events

Personalizing XSI: Keyboard Mapping

Cameras & Lights

Cameras & Lights: Camera Properties

Cameras & Lights: Render Pass Camera

Cameras & lights: Render vs Capture

Cameras & Lights: Isolating Objects

Cameras & Lights: Directional Lights

Cameras & Lights: Finding Lights

Configure & Code

Configure & Code: TDE Tips

Configure & Code: Merging & Models

Configure & Code: External File Facts

Configure & Code: Perfect Preferences

Configure & Code: SPDL Editing

Configure & Code: Browser Paths

Configure & Code: Add-ons

______The Complete "First Contact"______


Interface: Toolbars and Menus

Interface: Main Control Panel

Interface: Views and Camera

Interface: Timeline

Interface: Other Layouts

Interface: Preferences

Interface: Keyboard Mapping

General Interaction

General Interaction: Selection

General Interaction: Components

General Interaction: Transformation

General Interaction: Organization

General Interaction: Property Editor

General Interaction: Construction Modes

General Interaction: Data Management


Modeling: Polygons

Modeling: Curves

Modeling: Proportional Modeling

Modeling: Duplicating


Animation: Keyframing

Animation: Editing

Animation: Dopesheet

Animation: Constraints

Animation: Skeletons

Animation: Envelopes

Animation: Shapes

Materials & Textures

Materials & Textures: Materials

Materials & Textures: Textures

Materials & Textures: Render Tree

Materials & Textures: Texture Editor

Materials & Textures: Texture Layer Editor


Simulation: Overview

Simulation: Particles


Render: Lights

Render: Region and Preview

Render: Render Options

Render: Flipbook

______The Miscellaneous Collection______

Howto: Gambyro

Howto: Gator

Howto: Motor & Crosswalk

______The XSI 6 Certification Course______

DVD 1: Overview of XSI

Global XSI Overview


Navigation Primitives & Parenting

Lighting & Materials

Making a Biped & Storing Actions

Mixing Animation & Rendering

DVD 2: Modeling: Part 1

Modeling a Colt 45

Modeling a Face

DVD 3: Modeling: Part 2

UV Mapping


Architectural Shaders

DVD 4: Character Setup: Part 1

Skeletons & Rigs


DVD 5: Character Setup: Part 2



Reference Models

Additional Rigging Tools

DVD 6: Animation

Introduction to Animation

Animation with Layers


Animation Mixer

DVD 7: Lighting & Rendering

3-Point Lighting

Final Gathering

Global Illumination


Multi-Pass Rendering

Layer-based Pass Rendering



DVD 8:Passes & Compositing

Pass Building

Additional Passes

Compositing Passes

Pipeline Integration

Point Oven


Edited by Loki

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La notizia era già nota da tempo ma nn pensavo avrebbero messo a disposizione cotanta grazia! :crying:

Sono l'omino più felice del pianeta!!

Grazie Eros per l'info!

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Grandissima segnalazione... Loki ti adoro (ma non pensare male :lol:)...

Grazie mille



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Grazie Eros, è la volta buona che inizio a mettere le mani anch'io su XSI, e finalmente noto con piacere che non compaiono solo notizie e news su 3dstudio/vray ;)

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Grazie Maximus, come un cretino avevo dimenticato che XSI se l'è presa Autodesk, una volta mi ero scaricato proprio quella versione per provare un cityengine ma non la trovavo più... :rolleyes:

Magari anch'io come kris ci tiro fuori qualche particolare interessante da XSI, alcune feature mi hanno sempre attirato...

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scusate ragazzi, sono nuovo inf è il mio primo mex su treddi... :rolleyes: ma usando nick - server - e pass - online- non si connette al sito... non esce nessun messagio d'errore che indica che nè l'utente nè la password sono errati... semplicemente ricarica la finestra e mi richiede nick e pass finchè non clicco su annulla... :wallbash: ho provato sia con IE che con FireFox ma niente... qlkno sa aiutarmi che sono d'avvero anzioso di affinare le mie conoscenze riguardo XSI... grazie in anticipo... :hello::hello:

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Sicuramente staranno apportando le migliorie dopo tutti i feedback ricevuti da parte degli utenti sui piccoli problemi/errori riscontrati!

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