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The Newborn Contest

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"The Newborn Contest!!! (Now with more prizes!) ConceptArt.Org is proud to announce our latest contest: Newborn! Let’s get started!

Each moment we sit down at our tablets, we have an opportunity to create a beautiful work of art. We can reach for beauty, depth of idea, technical mastery or even personal satisfaction. We can create in hopes of being discovered. We can focus on found inspiration or a simple desire for prizes and loot. We can draw and paint because we understand the importance of promoting ourselves with work of our own vision. We can make art to hone our abilities for the career road ahead. But, the question is not why we create…it is what will we create? What will you create?

As artists, we all have opportunity to bring something into the world from the deepest places in imagination. You have the ability to bring vision to life with your talent. What will you bring to this world? Will you bring something that entertains? Will you bring something that changes minds? Will you bring something which makes you smile or builds your reputation around the world?


Newborn “Bring Something Into the World” or “To Life”

Wacom and Massive Black are sponsoring this next contest and there are a ton of great prizes and even promotional help too!

We all want to see what you bring to life, out into the world for millions to see. If there is an up and comer who shines, we will be doing what we can to make them a star. If they are a star already, then they understand the importance of continued exposure to the global audience. Wacom, ConceptArt.Org, and Massive Black are going to help get you there..."

Per maggiori info su bando, iscrizione e premi ;)

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