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News Mcneel - Flamingo Nxt - Accurender - Brazil For Rhino

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Spero non siano cose già dette, le ho prese direttamente dalla mail e le posto per chi volesse rimanere informato sul mondo McNeel... ;)


Flamingo nXt for Rhino is under development. It is completely new rendering technology and we need feedback from a wide range of users - both professional renderers and designers that need an occasional killer image.

To get started, just fill out this application. It is free.

Better image quality with much less effort:

* One click setup and rendering

* Fast easy HDRI lighting

* Images can be continually refined until halted

* Trade processing time for quality

* Indirect lighting without radiosity -- no specialized modeling required

* Much better anti-aliasing

* Better texture mapping

* Better tone reproduction, more saturated colors

* More sophisticated shading algorithm-- much better materials

* Indirect lighting without radiosity pre-processing

* New material editor w/lighting and anti-aliased preview

* New interactive tree and plant editor

* New HDR sky source algorithm

o better analytical sky source

o better interior day-lighting possible to do, without special "daylight sources"

* Faster processing - 4-10x faster

o models on large sites handled much better

o handles more complex models better

o better multi-core support

o faster model loads

o 64-bit coming soon

Get involved... it is free!

The development process is expected to take many months. During this time, Flamingo nXt will be free to anyone who is willing to provide feedback. To get started, just fill out this application..


AccuRendernXt - New versions now available

If you are a designer and not a rendering geek, nXt is for you. nXt is designed to provide exceptional image quality with easy setup and quick results.

AccuRender nXt for AutoCAD is still in development and has many recent enhancements.

The work-in-progress version is free. We need your feedback. Download it and give it a try. To get started, just fill out this application.

More details...

nXt is available for:

* AutoCAD 32 & 64-bit

* Rhino

* SketchUp

* Revit


Brazil for Rhino - Introductory offer ends 1-June-2009

You can now use the same rendering technology as the world's most demanding CG artists - without leaving Rhino.

Brazil produces images of uncompromising quality. Advanced algorithms and a modern architecture have led to a rendering system that cuts no corners to achieve any look required, including the highest levels in realism.

Brazil's advanced shading pipeline, extensible architecture, and natural workflow offers unprecedented control and flexibility, giving artists the freedom to focus on the work, rather than wrestling with the "technology.”

Info Brazil for Rhino

Download Brazil for Rhino




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