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Vray-proxy Problem With Textures

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on page 829 it´s written: ´It is clear Proxies do not contain any information concerning materials, therefore it´s neccessary to isign one to them´

sounds nice! no problem with a simple tree and few textures on it!

but i´ve got a lot of models (eg. car models,...) with lot´s of shaders applied on each!

i don´t want to edit all the various materials to one multi/sub-material! (this would last weeks for hundrets of models!)

i know that i can ´export each selected object in a seperate file´ and after that i can group this objects!

but then i´ve got ´thousands´ of vraymesh-files in the folder i´d selected!

i just want to have one vraymesh-file for example for one car that i can place them with just one click on browse!


does anyone know what to do?

thanks for your help


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hello again,

sorry - don´t think that´s the right place in this forum to place my question!

my italien is not good enough to understand everything written here!

but please help anyway, i´ve to complete a very complex scene until tomorrow!


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