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ciao a tutti, vorrei fare del bel video compositing.

però non sono un gran fenomeno

qualcuno a voglia di aiutarmi?

parto con maya, un'animazione easy-easy

come devo esportare?

poi importo in ae

qualche suggerimento?

scusatemi, forse avevo piu chanches di trovare bin laden


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grazie mille

ho trovato questo commento su:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

i found the solution for the maya iff z-depth import problem for after effects!

like we know, maya's (version 6) mentalray is able to render rgb, alpha and depth channels to .iff files.

z-depth is always rendered to .iff files!

(i.e. if you export to .rla files, mentalray creates a second file (.iff) for the z-depth data.)

what you have to do now:

simple render to .iff files (with Depth Channel CheckBox enabled in Render Global Settings)

open the wonderful f-check tool, delivered with maya.

in f-check "file > open image" or "file > open sequence" (don't forget to check the "Z Buffer" box.)

now view the Z Buffer (depth channel) IMPORTENT STEP!

save file or sequence in any fileformat readable for adobe after effects.(Targa, Tiff...) preferable into a seperate folder.

import your .iff sequence into after effects.

import your converted sequence into after effects.

you can see now, that the converted sequence content has changed to strange colors.

that's because the depth data is now stored in the green and blue channel. (the data in the red channel is useless. luminance or something)

now you can use your converted sequence as z buffer.

(to prepare it the right way, use channelmixer effect and set

the red-red value to zero.)

if you use plugins like the lenscare plugin for depth of field, just select the converted sequence for z-buffer and select blue or green channel.

that's it. hope to help you all out there who have this problem.

i'm sure this works for the AE - combustion problem as well!

happy christmas


è un po datato!

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