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Problemi Risolti Con Update 2 In Autocad Architecture 2009

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Annotation scaling

Multi-view blocks inserted from user created tools did not scale properly when used in subsequent drawings or sessions.

Drawing management

Projects created from project templates did not inherit the correct sheet storage location property.

Projects created from project templates did not inherit sheet subset storage location information.

The application would occasionally crash when creating project details.


Surfaces belonging to different walls would export with the same CadObjectId.


Spaces, railings, footings, and column objects might be exported with an incorrect object type identifier in some localized releases.

Half spaces would be imported as large modifiers.

Slab fascias and soffits would not properly export in some localized releases.

Level and elevation info would be created in reverse order when an IFC file was imported into a project.

Material sets applied to walls of type "Shared" would not export correctly.


The schedule quantity column evaluated property values without first applying the property data format.

Wall objects and opening endcaps

Certain endcap configurations might cause walls to disappear in 3d isometric views.

Some walls might not draw completely at a locked z elevation.

Using "Add selected" for anchored doors, openings, and windows could cause an application crash in some circumstances.

Walls might fail to clean up properly across xrefs if the host drawing used different drawing units than the xref.


Tooltips would appear for AutoCAD entities even when ROLLOVERTIPS was set to zero.

Saving a drawing to the 2004 file format would take an exccessive amount of time.

Export to AutoCAD might cause an application crash in some circumstances.

The following defects were fixed with AutoCAD Architecture 2009 Update 1 and are also fixed in AutoCAD Architecture 2009 Update 2:


The application might crash when cutting or refreshing sections or elevations containing certain structural members.

Drawing Management

For localized versions of AutoCAD Architecture, callouts and labels would occasionally fail to resolve when dropping views.

The application might crash when viewing the external references of a project drawing that was resaved as a different project drawing type.

It was not possible to drag a project entity from one file to another when hardware acceleration was enabled, if the host drawing did not use the 2d wireframe visual style.

The application might crash when plotting immediately after cancelling a previous plot job.


Fillet radii would not be imported reliably for certain parameteric profiles.

Parametric profiles without voids would not be imported reliably.

Spaces with clipping and holes would not import reliably.

Wall styles would not be reliably converted and mapped on import.

Curtain walls might not be import properly on localized versions of AutoCAD Architecture.


gbXMLspan would export a value 1000 times too large for AirChangesPerHour in metric drawings.


The application would occasionally crash on shutdown.

Wall Objects

The face of a wall might not draw correctly in isometric view for certain endcap configurations.

Display System

Autodesk Civil 3D users could end up with a style referencing a non-existent hatch.


Memory would not be released to Windows when closing a drawing


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