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aiuto bunus tool 6.0 (maya)

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    * Extract the bonusTools60 archive to the user's maya home directory:

      Sample Linux/Irix path: /u/user_name/maya/6.0

When using unzip on Irix and Linux, use the –u, –a and –U flags (or equivalent flags that are available in your version of unzip) to maintain the proper case of file names and to convert carriage returns properly.

The appropriate subdirectories should be maintained and the files within them when they are unzipped.

    * Using a text editor, edit the bonusTools6.0 file from within the user's maya/6.0/modules directory. The bonusTools6.0 file has a sample line for each operating system and has this basic format:

      + bonusTools6.0 6.0 "absolute path to bonusTools6.0 directory"

      Sample Linux/Irix path: +bonusTools6.0 6.0 /u/user_name/maya/6.0/bonusTools6.0

For your operating system, uncomment the line that starts with + by removing the //. Replace the user_name from that line with the login name of the user. Save the file.

    * If you have a userSetup.mel file in your scripts path, open it in a text editor and append the lines from the userSetup.mel supplied with the Bonus Tools.

    * Restart Maya and set any of the Bonus Tools plug-ins that you wish to use to auto load.

      Note that the contents of the BonusTools menu will vary according to which main menu set (Animation, Modeling, Dynamics, Rendering, Cloth) is active.

    * Enjoy. You may refer to the bonusTools60.html file (located in the docs directory where the Bonus Tools are located) or use the Help menu item at the bottom for an overview of the tools.

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