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Softimage: Motor Update

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Softimage ha recentemente identificato e corretto un problema critico di MOTOR (Motion Retargeting).

Questo problema riguarda i possessori dei seguenti software:

Softimage|XSI 6.0 - 6.01 - 6.02 - 6.5

Softimage|Mod Tool 6

Softimage|Face Robot 1.8

La Patch è disponibile ai seguenti link:

MOTOR Patch - Windows

MOTOR Patch - Linux


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MOTOR Patch - Windows

Software Patch installer for XSI 6.x Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Face Robot 1.8 and XSI 6 Mod Tool Users.

Installation Instructions:

  • Double click on the Motor-hotfix-20071126.exe
  • Start the application

MOTOR Patch - Linux

Software Patch installer for XSI Linux 32-bit.

Installation instructions:

  • Copy the CDKMotionTransform.so file under Addons/MotionTransformation/Application/Plugins in the installation directory of the respective Softimage product
  • Start the application

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