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\ Come Ultimo Carattere

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basta leggere il reference del maxscript e, tra le prime cose che vi sono scritte, trovi la soluzione

String literals can contain any character except another plain double quote. You can include a double quote in a string literal, as well as some useful control characters, by using a "\" (backslash) escape character sequence. The valid escape sequences are:

\" -- a double quote character

\n -- a newline character

\r -- a carriage return character

\t -- a TAB character

\* -- an asterisk character

\? -- a question mark character

\\ -- a single "\" character

\% -- a percent character

\x{d} -- a hexadecimal character

quindi per scrivere "ciao\" devi scrivere "ciao\\"

print "ciao\\ ciao\\" :hello:

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