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cat MinimalismWalk

::: Apaterment With Toscany Style :::

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The texture on the floor seems too big and distorted (or the whole image??), the mirror behind the bed look too flat, maybe some noise on the tiles.

The other is good... i hope the cat it's a 2D :P

2 Star.gif for me

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It's a very good job, but it isn't a tuscany style- The image seems more similar to barocco or emperor and something of renaissance style. However it is a nice interior.

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I must quote what the other users have said until now...in the last image the ceiling's image has a very low resolution, and i don't know why but i think that's something wrong with the bedside table's shader, and the column is really overexposed.

btw, the lens flare doesn't add anything to the image ihmo.

the effect of the mirror behind the bed is AWESOME ;). how did you obtain the barocco effect on the bed? displace? polys?? it's beautiful.

Edited by dammilo

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Thank all reply an comment.Sorry my english is poor .

@ marisalibox : Yes ..it is vrayproxy . Floors use triangles because sometime i use photon render..is good for GI.

@Stefan: You right ..I have learning this style in project . You is pro ..plesea tell me more. Thank you.

@dammilo: I learning studio light ..have more bright flat to light and GI. More lens ..is photoshop.

Edited by cat_MinimalismWalk

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