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Naruto, Il Film

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[ Animation image industry beginner ] object

Autodesk® 3ds Max® 9 animation seminar

- Animation "theater edition NARUTO strong wind transmission" making

Presently handwritten, with the retouch software and the tool etc. for 2 dimensional animation the animated picture background mat picture and the like while drawing up, from now on animation production with the 3DCG tool targetting the one which is in the midst of examining,the animation production work flow due to 3ds Max 9 easily to be understood we introduce.

In addition this time the corporation 縺エ which manages numerous masterpiece animation as a special session, obtain the way, the Noboru platform it receives, production techniqueand on sitethe story due to 3ds Max in animation "theater edition NARUTO strong wind transmission " it receives concerning episode.

By all means, please participate inthis opportunity, examine the quality rise and improvement of efficiency of the work with of 3ds Max!

* Cosponsor: Corporation Too / automatic desk corporation

* Cooperation: The corporation 縺エ obtain / the Japanese Hewlett Packard corporation

Day and time

2007 October 5th (gold) 14:00 - 17:00 (13: 30 acceptance starts)

Fixed capacity

80 names (free/advanced registration system)


The Tokyo Shinjuku Ku west Shinjuku 1 Chome 23-7

Shinjuku first west 3F C board room

(Shinjuku station Nisiguti walking 5 minute)

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