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Brazil 2.0 Beta Per Rhino 4.0

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E' disponibile a questo indirizzo la prima Beta version di Brazil 2.0 per Rhino 4.0 Service Release 1 o superiore (scaricabile qui: pagina di download McNeel). Per utilizzare questa beta è sufficiente una CD key di Rhino 4.0. Maggiori informazioni su feature e bug fix (rispetto alle ultime WIP) sul forum.


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uscita la beta 2.0.



- IOR menu added to all IOR edit boxes.

- Transparency mapping support added to Rhino Basic Material in Brazil.

- Wood, Marble, Granite, Stucco, Blend, Noise and Waves textures added.

- Perturbing and Perlin Marble textures added (unfinished UI).

Bug Fixes:

- Models with many individual objects not assigned RDK materials used huge amounts of memory.

- Default light clipping did not take custom render meshes into account - some may have rendered black.

- Brazil automatic textures crashed when there was a parameter named "offset" - i.e., Br_Noise

- Toon ink-width mapping did not work correctly. Other map issues where a luminance rather than a color is expected should also be fixed.

- Displacement should not have been in Advanced or Toon materials and has been removed.

- Opacity mapping was not correctly simulated in the Brazil Advanced Material.

- Chrome materials did not update correctly.

- Highlight was not simulated correctly on Brazil Chrome Material.

- Some Post Effect dialogs did not have spinners on the numeric edit boxes.

- Phong and Angular glossiness options were reversed in Brazil Glass material.

- Phong glossiness was limited to 100% in Brazil Glass material.

- Importing a 3dm file now merges the original and imported contents.

- Brazil failed to render when parallel light did not have photon focus shader attached.

- Light attenuation widgets were drawn with focus angles even if focus was disabled.

- Exclude lists can now be set as Include lists instead.

- Light Include/Exclude list dialog now has pick buttons.

- Misc settings did not update viewport in some circumstances.

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nel frattempo siamo arrivati alla beta 3.


- TriangulateRenderMeshes command added to the RDK to force all document render meshes to triangles. Can speed up translation.

- Local mapping sections for textures now have lockable fields.

- Texture previews now update progressively - it's now much faster to fiddle with the parameters.

- Brazil materials and textures now accept materials into child slots. Now possible to include Toon in a texture eval tree etc...

- 'Wrinkled Texture' renamed to 'Turbulence Texture' - implements Turbulence type Perlin noise.

- 'Noise Texture' renamed to 'fBm Texture' - implements Fractal Sum Perlin noise.

- 'Noise Texture' added - implments many different noise types and syntheses.

- 'Advanced Dot Texture' renamed to "Dots Texture" - includes a complete UI.

- 'Dots Texture' optimized for speed.

- Removed older 'Basic Dots Texture'.

- Perturbing and Perlin Marble texture UI completed.

- HDR textures now support cube-map output.

Bug Fixes:

- Highlight graphs were not updating immediately when edit box spinners were dragged.

- Highlight did not appear on Brazil Glass.

- IOR menu did not appear on Brazil Glass or the texture summary.

- Texture summary IOR values had too few decimal places.

- Blinn highlight anisotropy and angle values had no bounds.

- Render meshes were re-created before every render - caused a big delay to occur after the render button was pressed.

- .rtex files (textures) did not contain a preview.

- Contents leaked memory when they had three or more children.

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