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Gta Iv

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Da gta4.net:

Liberty City, 2007

· Broker (Brooklyn)

· Dukes (Queens)

· Algonquin (Manhattan)

· Bohan (Bronx)

· Alderney (New Jersey)

Within Grand Theft Auto 4, Rockstar North have recreated four of the five boroughs of New York, as well as part of New Jersey. The GTA IV equivalent of Brooklyn is called Broker, Queens is now Dukes, Manhattan has been transformed into Algonquin, the Bronx has become Bohan (which incidently means "the piece of skin that connects the penis to the ballsack") and Jersey City is now known as Alderney. The only one missing is Staten Island, but that's only because the team decided it wouldn't be much fun to play. Each area has its own characteristic look and feel, and harbours its own architecture and people. The areas are connected by bridges and tunnels, just as the real New York is. Liberty City isn't as big as San Andreas, but it is considerably more detailed, and not an inch of it is wasted.

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