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Winnie The Pooh, Maya 8.0 & Mental Ray Illuminazione Tramonto/sera

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:wallbash: An update of the previous Maya 8.0 & Mental Ray Villa.

Based on Archmodel 3D template by Evermotion.

Maya 8.0 Poly & Nurbs Surfaces modeling.

Mental Ray Physical Sky/Sun with haze clouds, Global illumination and Secondary Bounces Final Gather.

Mental Ray Architectural Mia materials.

Maya Fluids, Light Fog & Maya Deformers for the ripples in the pool.

XFrog Tropical Trees & Plants with Misss Fast Skin materials for the 3D vegetation, Winnie, Shark and Bone.

Ctrl Fur and Ctrl Displacement to control fur and displacements.

Ctrl Buffers to output Ctrl Occlusion Pass, Shadow and ZDepht Passes.

Software: Autodesk Maya 8.0 & Mental Ray



Alex Sandri





Top view Physical Sky:


Top view Ibl:


Edited by withego

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Yeah! Very good original style.... I like this renders!


Insomma mi piace lo stile di questi render... forse un pò scuretti ma c'è un'atmosfera che mi rallegra proprio :D


Edited by NeoX

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Molto simpatico il soggetto e davvero ottima la resa finale! Il tipo morto stecchito nella piscina (squaletto sottinteso...) è spettacolare... :lol:

Complimenti! Proprio delle belle immagini!! :Clap03::Clap03::Clap03::Clap03::Clap03:

Edited by ferro_design

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The 1st and the 2nd image are good (but water in the pool... seems like a mirror), The Pooh... the dolphin (or a shark :P).

The last two have strange environment, like an airport for the concrete slab.

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