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Catco Hotel In Halong Bay-vietnam

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As I can see it's just an insertion of a rendered building above a picture of the beach.

Technically the perspective is wrong: as you can see the building in the first image has a totally different perspective from the background. This makes your building look smaller and out of proportions.

You should try to modify the visual distortion of the building to match the background.

I'm glad that the planning of the hotel is not yours.... That beach is such a beautiful natural place that doesn't really need to be degraded by a building of that kind.


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Hi Cat,

what happened since this work of yours? It was so good... :huh:

This last post is very approximate and looks odd... I mean, the model seems to be fine but the matching doesn't fit at all, it's all out of proportion. Also model light and contour are too sharp and crisp, they don't blend correctly into the background. I hope you'll be back soon with better works, you showed us you can do much better! ;)

The architecture is soooo horrible! AAARGH! :o (good for you that's not your stuff!) :D

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@mafia: Sorry ..i read with translete langue program ....You right, morning i can check .Thank you.

@kris_73_it: Thank you ..I can correct scale in photoshop.

@fantomas: ... In VietNam ....that beach is such a beautiful natural and human is bad when ....want to stay building in here . (Money is not naturel?)... I'm architect .. i so boring . Sorry my english is poor and italia langue is zero .

@ALe2x72: Thank you , Some architecture VietNam is soooo horrible!

@teocor: ECOMOSTRO!!! ---> monster architecture .

@fa.baratto: But in Italy projects like this are call Ecomonster!!! ....In Viet Nam call "Quai Vat" .. :) same "monster" .

@fantomas : l'ecomonster!!! uauauauauah .... :)

----------> Ciao tuti , please learn to me "Thank you" with Italia languge ---------------------

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Cat you're really a nice person :) don't worry about your english or italian, you know.... images should speak for you!

Well let me tell you that you should work a lot on that image, and I hope we could give you some help about.

First of all it's not an easy work the one you're trying to do, you should work a lot on the layer containing the building image, trying to match the same perspective of the beach picture in the background.

To make it possible you shall use the rectangular selection tool and clicking with the mouse's right button, you should select the free form modification and after (clicking back again with the right botton) the "perspective" or "distortion" function. It will help you modifying the perspective deformation of the image.

TRY in several ways if you're not confident with that tool, and use your eye and your intelligence to achieve the best result. If you think you need any step-by-step help... open a thread in the W.I.P. section of this forum, so we can follow and help you while you're working on it.

Thank you in Italian is "grazie".


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