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Allinea Per Tre Punti In 3dsmax

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ragazzi scusate giro da due ore sul forum....

una volta a vevo letto che qualcuno aveva trovato uno script per 3dsmax facente le stesse funzioni di allinea per tre punti di autocaz...

non trovo più la discussione...

mi date una mano?? :unsure:


altrimenti bannatemi..... :rolleyes:

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Hai seguito le istruzioni?

-- ThreePointAlign v 1.2 - 02.10.03 - © M. Breidt (martin@breidt.net)


-- Installation:

-- After executing this file (MAXScript > Run Script), there will be a new

-- entry named '3Pt Align' in Customize > Customize User Interface in the

-- category 'MB Tools'. Just assign a hotkey, or put it in a quad manue or

-- toolbar.


-- Usage:

-- Select any object, then invoke macro. Pick three source points (1-3)

-- in the viewport (you might want to turn on vertex snap); then select

-- three target points (4-6).

-- The selected object will be realigned in 3D space in such a way that

-- * Point 1 and Point 4 will coincide

-- * Point 1-3 will be on the plane of Point 4-6

-- * The line (Point 1->2) will be parallel to line (Point 4->5)

-- After you picked the last point, a dialog will be presented that allows

-- for further modification: you can flip the orientation of the aligment

-- and you can offset the aligned object along the alignment plane's normal

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