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Ho un problema.

The following section describes how to install the Connect Poly Shape toolset. Please note that CPS has been tested under Maya for NT/Windows 2000/XP only, though it should work fine under other operating systems. The path examples given have to be altered for the respective operating system and language.

* Unzip the archive to a temporary folder (i.e. "c:\temp")

* Open the "icons" folder and copy all XPM files to your local icon folder

(i.e. "c:\Documents and Settings\your user name\My Documents\maya\6.0\prefs\icons")

* Open the "scripts" folder and copy all MEL files to your local script folder

(i.e. "c:\Documents and Settings\your user name\My Documents\maya\6.0\scripts")

Once the scripts and icons are copied to their respective folder you can continue the installation process within Maya. Start Maya and execute cpsSetup from the command line or script editor. The following window should appear:

Quando faccio questo passaggio nn mi apre la finestrella di installazione.

Schiaccio la finestrella in basso a destra, scrivo sotto cpsSetup e poi sopra scelgo execute, ma mi dice che nn riconosce il comando.

Che faccio?

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