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Tester Videogioci En Francoforte/germania

RKM Frankfurt

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Hello Forum, sorry for writing in English. I can read Italian, but you do not want to read mine ... ;-)

I have read the threads of Baguette (and hopefully understood some of it).

As the client is still looking for Videogame Testers and Translators, I'll try it the "RKM way".

As far as I could understand, you had problems with missing information about the Company, the job and things in General.

So. Here comes the job offer:


Our client is a world-known market-leader in the interactive entertainment industry.

We are looking for

Video-Games-Testers - Italian (m/f) and

Video-Games-Translators (m/f) from Japanese and/or English to Italian

Your Job (Tester):

You will be playing video-games full-time (40hrs/week).

The task is to proof-read video games before they are launched on the market.

This includes spell-checking the in-game texts as well as the manuals and also finding hidden bugs while actually playing the game.

Your Job (Translator):

You will be translating in-game texts, manuals and brochures from Japanese and/or English to Italian.

A bit of playing will be involved as well.

Your Profile (Tester and Translator):

You have a high affinity to video games and have always wanted to make a living out of playing them.

You are highly reliable and have an excellent understanding of language.

As a game-tester, you are an Italian native speaker and your command of the English language is excellent.

As a translator, you have finished a language degree and have already got some experience in journalism or translation. Ideally, you know Japanese.

You all enjoy working in an international environment and have very good communication skills.

Knowledge of German is not required but helpful.

Location and working-hours:

Frankfurt am Main – one of the most exciting cities in Germany - host to the FIFA World Championship!

Please note that you are expected to come to Frankfurt beforehand for an interview with our client.

We can help with finding accommodation and any questions occuring.

Shift-Work is possible and likely (06:00-14:00 and 14:30-23:00), alternatively from 8:45 till 17:00.

Times vary according to project. The jobs will be starting throughout 2006, so do not hesitate to contact us now or later.

Next projects are beginning in June/early July.

Have we got you "hooked"?

Then please apply by email and by sending us:

- your CV in English,

- a current picture,

- work-references and/or diplomas as well as

- a list of the video games you have played, sorted by platform (testers)

- a sample translation (1 page source, 1 page target) of a game text from Japanese/English to Italian

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call on +49 69 920377-0 (Mon-Fr) or send an email to mpaesler@rkm.de

We look forward to hearing from you!


So. Yes. Pay.

Our client, whose name we must not mention (sorry, agreement of nondisclosure), has a "one size fits all" remuneration-scheme for all agencies who supoort them with testing and translation staff.

This is:

Pay: € 9,00 an hour gross plus food expense for Testers

Pay: € 18,00 an hour gross for translators.

At the end of the month, after everything (tax, insurance, health insurance) is paid, this will leave a tester with a net of about € 1.100.

A translator will have about € 1.800 net

For accommodation, you should reckon about € 300 - € 400 for a furnished appartment including utilities.

However, as there are many, many testers (about 200), it is usually quite easy to find a place in a shared flat. We can help you finding accommodation.

Further procedure:

If you wish to apply, please mail me at mpaesler@rkm.de with your CV in English, picture and games-list.

I or one of my colleagues (we are four) will then contact you with a test in English and one in Italian, where you have to find as many mistakes as possible.

Once you have passed the test (70% for English, 80% for Italian), your profile will be sent to our client.

The client then decides when he would like to meet you.

If you can come to Frankfurt, you will have an interview with your RKM Team (us) and get to know us personally. Afterwards, we will accompagny you to our client's offices. There, you will have to take another short Italian language test and have a brief interview.

Normally, we get told on the same day whether you can start working or not, and when. Also, normally, the work starts the following Monday, so that you have some time to look for accommodation and register in Germany, get your health insurance, open a bank account etc.

About the client

Yes, we must not name the name. But we are allowed to say that it is a company that makes console-games. Its seat is in Japan, so now you can all take wild guesses. :D

The company is very laid back and not "typically German". Testers and Translators are between the age of 18 till about 30/33 and all of my employees are enjoying their work there enormously. The company language is English and the reports have to be written in English, which is why you should speak it. You don't have to dress up in suits etc, just look normal - smart/casual.

More information:

Normally, the working contract are for an unlimited period of time, unless you explicitely wish otherwise.

It is planned (!) that all employees will be working at least until the end of 2006. However, this is something we cannot guarantee and I think you should know in advance. The reason being, that the client is marketing a new console soonish.... <- HINT :w00t:

Some of our testers have recently been offered a permanent job at the client's company and have joined just on May 1st - all very happy.

So - now?

I hope that this has given you a little insight into the job offered and the way we work.

If you want to see the RKM People in Frankfurt, you can click here.

Any questions? Just drop me a line on mpaesler@rkm.de

And - once again, sorry for writing in English, but my "Italian", you would not have understood :blush:

Hope to hear from you,

kind regards


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Ok, as of yesterday, we are allowed to state the following:

Our client NINTENDO is looking for game-testers and translators ...


Regarding questions of Data protection. We do not sell your data. We have a data protection statement on our homepage, unfortunately in German.

Your data remains with us and with us solely.

Your name and date of birth as well as the name of the town where you live are given to Nintendo if you apply with us, but only that. Until that point in time when Nintendo would like to invite you for an interview. During the interview, it is up to you whether you wish to divulge your personal data.

Should we enter a contract with you, Nintendo will be notified of your address in Germany.

Questions? Mail me :-)

Kind regards Mel


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