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my problem is that i can´t have a good illumination, if i increase the photon intensity or reduce the exponent, the ceiling and the floor had too much intensity close to the window, and the rest of the room dark.

I used a point light ( turn in to an area light ) in each window, almost whith the size of them. intensity 10; decay linear; photon intensity 10000; exponent 2; global illumination photons 10000.And spot light simulating the sun ( turn in to a area light, intensity 2000; linear decay; photon intensity 15000; exponent 2; global illumination photons 500000.

how can i make the illumination goes more far? i already tried to increase max reflection photons, max refraction photon and max photon depth, but changed just a little.


Rui Xavier


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u can try decreasig the exponent value (it's the decay of the light), and decreasng the ph intensity at the same time....

or switching on the final gather; u can also use fg multy bounces, this will increase the render time

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I read in the Help file that increasing the exponent of the light, may cause non physical correct effects. I think you should increase Photon intensity of the spot light (you said you turned it into an area light??? if is it possible, why?) at about a million or over (sometimes you'll nedd to increase spot light photons to over 10000000 -ten millions- or a hundred millions), while you are using 15000 right?

Anyway try to take a look at dagon's tutorial "Mental Ray interior lighting" (this should be the name of the english version I think...) in the tutorial section of this site: you can find many interesting infos.

However your room it's not very dark for me ;)

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