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Bad Illumination


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hi.i´m rui xavier from portugal, i work whith maya 6, and i´m trying to do an interior whith GI and FG, but i can´t equalize the illumination.i have a spot light simulating the sun whith no decay, raytrace shadows, photon intensity 150000000, exponent 2.0, global illumination photons 500000. and a point light in the window , turn in to a area light, decay linear, whith 5 of intensity, raytrace shadows, photon intensity 10000, exponent 2.1 and global illumination photons 10000. the light seems to be well close to the window , but the parts more far of the window are very dark, and if i increase the photon intensity, close to the window it is very clearly. who do I give more clarity in the darkest parts? and if I place a darker wood, the interior is less illuminated .



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hi.this is a new render. i have a spotlight simulating the sun (whith GI), and each window have a pointlight turn in to an area light (photon intensity-10000; exponent-1.7; global illum photons-500000 ),i lowered the photon intensity, and make the exponent lower to. works good, the walls are good, but when i have a clear wood in the floor the ceiling looks good, but whith a dark wood, the ceiling is very dark.thanks

sorry if the text have any errors, but my english....


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