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Editable Mesh

An editable mesh is a type of deformable object. An editable mesh is a trimesh: that is, it uses triangular polygons. Editable meshes are useful for creating simple, low-polygonal objects or control meshes for MeshSmooth and HSDS modelling. You can convert a NURBS or patch surface to an editable mesh. Editable meshes require little memory, and are a natural method of modeling with polygonal objects.

An actively linked object cannot be collapsed to an editable mesh. Using the File Link Manager, you have to Bind the object first.

Editable Poly

An editable poly is a type of deformable object. An editable poly is a polygonal mesh; that is, unlike an editable mesh, it uses more than three-sided polygons. Editable polys are useful in that they avoid invisible edges. For example, if you use a cut-and-slice operation with editable polys, the program doesn't insert extra vertices along any invisible edge. You can convert NURBS surfaces, editable meshes, splines, primitives, and patch surfaces to editable polys.

premere ogni tanto f1 non fa male ;)

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