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Allego il quesito che ho appena sottoposto al newsgroup ufficiale di 3D Studio Max e attendo impaziente i vostri commenti. Considerate come parametro di raffronto che qui la mia copia di Autodesk Viz2006 mi costa 1700$.

Ringrazio anticipatamente.


I have been asked to make a price for the next 3D Studio Max workgroup session I am going to conduct at the Firm I work for as an employee. They said it is such a valuable service that they think it's just fair to pay for it out of my salary check. 40 people already applied for taking part of it and the previous one was quite successful. There is going to be a high percentage of beginners therefore I am planning to introduce the following very basic features:

Units setup, snap settings, use of axis constraint, type in values.

CAD linking/importing.

Types of objects: geometry, shapes, helpers

- Compound objects: booleans, shapemerge, loft, conform

- 2D spline editing, compound shapes, section

- Grids

Selection: window/crossing, named selections, selection filters, "selection by name" approach (old school), "selection through layer manager" approach (architecs approach).

Model navigation techniques.

Cloning: copies, instances and references.

Modifier stack.

Concept of spline/emesh/epoly sub-object levels.

Modifiers: extrude, normal, bevel, bevel profile, edit mesh, slice, shell, cap holes, STL check.

Utilities: measure, polygon counter, collapse.

Object/Layer visibility, see-through property.

Tools: clone and align tool, array tool, spacing tool, measure tool, isolate tool, rename objects tool, mesure distance tool.

I am going to assign a simple modeling homework to do and I will provide feedback to each partecipant with tips on how to improve the quality of their model.

I have six years of experience with 3D Studio Max in the architectural field and I am located in New York.

What would be the right price in your opinion?

Thanks for any comment.

Best Regards,

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