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great pic man..............15 minuts.............scanline.........woow, i like lighting

good job

sorry for my bad english..........you may post scene's setting?

Hi, thanks man,

really, the scanline it's very fast =)

The settings i show tonight , ok ?

I'm work now..... :)


Very good job :Clap03:

Thanks man =)

Bye friends

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very nice work!!man!! :devil::hello:

Thanks man ! =)

good job, you're a scanlineman ;)

heheheh scanlineman hahaaha thanks,

Good job, I like it!

Maybe the back of chairs is too dark

It's really,

lights doesn't exist in the part of brings of the scene :blush:

Bye =)

Nice job!


Only 15 minutes?!

Great job man!

Ow, yes, 15 minutes,

the scanline make money =) hahahaha....

time it's money in the Architetural 3D =)

But, i also like other's, mental ray, vray, brazil.....

Thanks , bye =)

nice job how many light you used? :Clap03:

Used Photometric lights and Standard lights =) thanks, bye

great job! :Clap03:

Thanks man


Hi friends,

thank's to all comment's, :)

The wireframe here


byeee :Clap03:

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