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What's the key to good/realistic lighting?

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I'm pretty new to lighting and I've been having a lot of trouble making the lighting in my scenes to look real enough, or at least good enough, to match my models and textures. The only times that I've had lighting that actually makes me proud of my work is whe https://xender.vip/ n I use HDRI's, but I can't use those for every single scene. And I'm really having trouble making things look good. I know good is a broad term so I should probably say realistic, but just in general my lighting doesn't look good. Also I thought I should mention, but I'm rendering with Arnold if that changes anything.

I'm really just looking for some tips/general advice on how I could https://nox.tips/  make my lighting in my scenes look better. I mean a youtube course would also be pretty cool but just some tips would be great too. Any help with this would be much appreciated! Also lmk if I need to post context for my lightning, I wasn't sure if I should include some renders or not.

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