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Hi this is Flash. I would like to tell you a story about him. He is not only a dog, he is a hero for me and my family.He is an important part of my family and he’s been living with us for 13 years. Five years ago he do an incredible thing. Me and my family left home for holiday and he stayed home with my grandmother. My grandmother went to watch TV and sat on the sofa with Flash. Apparently everything seemed quiet but Flash felt something was wrong and he started to barked. My grandmother tried to spoke but couldn't do it correctly.So she went to my grandfather and to her neighbour, who fortunately took my grandmother to the hospital and she was curated form the brain stroke in time!Thank Flash that you understood this before all and so you saved her life. ° ° For realize this project I used this software: Autodesk Maya, with the plug in Xgen for groom, Zbrush and photoshop.  I tryed to reproduce my dog Flash. It's the first time I tried to reproduce dog fur. It was a challenge, but I am quite satisfied for the final result. And no less important, I had fun doing this project and I loved to groomed his fur. I hope you like it and I appreciate constructive feedback, thanks to all.


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Spettacolo! Da possessore di cani di piccola taglia (fossero pure grandi sarebbe lo stesso) non posso che apprezzare, vien voglia di accarezzarlo 😉
Complimenti per la minuzia e ricerca del dettaglio, oltre alla tecnica, non vedo nulla lasciato al caso.


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Bello, bello,bello...... menzione particolare per lo sguardo, tipico del tipo di cane, che sei riuscita a ricreare perfettamente, un mix di malinconia e riconoscenza che stupisce. Senza considerare il lato tecnico della cosa che è di livello altissimo ovviamente. Complimenti

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